There are two types of travelers who set foot in Iceland. There are those who are coming for a full-length multi-day stay to experience all Iceland has to offer, and there are those who are flying over the Atlantic to or from Europe who have a stopover in Iceland. While these travelers have very different needs and wants, they both have something in common: they’re lucky to be in Iceland.

Having a stopover in Iceland is a bit of a tantalizing experience. While the airport is beautiful, modern, and has many great amenities, the reality is that you’re only a few minutes away from some of the best things that Iceland has to offer! So, if you’ve got a long layover at Keflavik, there’s some good news for you: you don’t have to spend your waiting hours at the airport. There are tours specifically designed with your needs in mind. Tailor Made Iceland Tours are your perfect partner.

Iceland is home to some of the best tourist sites in the world, many of them naturally occurring. It’s a very different place from anywhere else in the world. Some of the sites have even made the list of Wonders of the World! With Tailor Made Iceland Tours, you can experience some of Iceland in the short timeframe that you have to work with. Don’t let your time in Iceland go to waste!

So, you only have some hours to see some of Iceland’s best. What do you see? Well, you have options! There are short day tours that explore the famous Blue Lagoon, the frigidly beautiful Ice Cave, and of course for winter travelers there’s the chance to see the stunningly stellar northern lights! With options like this at your fingertips, the idea of spending your spare hours at the airport seems out of the question. Leave the gate behind because you’re going on a tour!

Tailor Made Iceland Tours can take you to see some of Iceland’s best spots and get you back in time to make your next flight, including the Ice Cave and the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a warm lake filled with milky-blue geothermic water. It has great benefits for your skin and keeps itself clean. The lava bed that it sits on provides a gorgeous contrast to the water that makes for picture-perfect selfies and timeless memories. If a cold is more your speed, there’s also the famous Ice Cave that tunnels under a glacier. The Ice Cave is naturally occurring and provides a unique experience of icy colors and shapes.

However, the big request that tourists have on their trip to Iceland is to see the northern lights. The Auroroa Borealis, as it is officially called, is visible in the winter time from all over Iceland – even in the south near the airport. Tailor Made Iceland Tours can help you time your trip so you’re most likely to see them and will take you to the best viewing spots that your time allows for. The dancing lights in the sky are something that are a must-see!

So, whether you’re here for the long-haul or you’re just waiting for your next flight, seize the opportunity to book a tour with the Icelandic professionals, Tailor Made Iceland Tours, and take home an experience far better than any airport souvenier!

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