You’ve almost certainly heard of the Blue Lagoon. After all, it’s one of Iceland’s most famous tourist attritions. Even some of the world’s A-list celebrities have paid it a visit, including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Björk. So, what’s the big deal with the Blue Lagoon? And is it worth a visit on your next Iceland stopover?

The Blue Lagoon is a warm water lake in the south of Iceland. It was made as a runoff for geothermic water that is used to heat up other water that is used for the purpose of heating homes in the area. So, a pool for the water to go to was created in a lava pit known as Illahraun. That’s the Blue Lagoon that we know and love today. It’s located about 15 minutes from the Icelandic International Airport, Keflavik, by car. It’s about twice that distance from the capital city of Reykjavik. This makes it super convenient for tourists, even those ones just on Iceland stopover. You can also visit it as a part of the Reykjanes Blue Lagoon Tours, a private tours company in Iceland. It’s easy to visit!

The water is characterized by its cloudy blue opaque water and its stunning surroundings of black lava. It hovers around 39° Centigrade (102° Fahrenheit) year-round which makes it the perfect bath water even in the deep depths of frigid winter. Speaking of which, the water is self-cleansing. Every 48 hours the water is entirely renewed by natural means. So, it’s always clean and fresh and ready for its next batch of excited tourists.

Aside from being a fantastic place to relax and rejuvenate yourself, the Blue Lagoon also has some other health benefits for your skin. It’s known as a great treatment for Psoriasis, for one. But overall the water is rich in silica and other healthful minerals that have benefits for everybody’s skin.

Skin health isn’t the main reason why people visit, though. The best reason to visit is for the natural phenomena that Icelanders are accustomed to: the midnight sun and the northern lights. To experience the midnight sun and the northern lights for yourself, you’ll need to come in either the middle of summer or during winter. For those natural phenomena alone, the trip is well worth it!

Now, the Blue Lagoon is listed as one of the 25 Wonders of the World and it sits at the very top of many peoples’ bucket lists. However, that popularity means that you have to book your visit there in advance. It’s recommended that you book your visit at least two weeks before you intend to go to the Blue Lagoon. Tailor Made Iceland Tours can take care of that for you.

So, on your next trip to Iceland or your next stopover, be sure to pay a visit to the unforgettable Blue Lagoon! Whether you go by yourself or as a part of a tour, such as the Reykjanes Blue Lagoon Tours, a private tours company in Iceland, you’ll be crossing off one of the best things on your travel bucket list!

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