Greenland: Put Uummannaq on your watch list


Paaluk Kreutzmann, owner of Uummannaq Seasfaris, is lucky enough to have Uummannaq Fjord as his backyard, and he wants to share it with travellers. Though his company is only a few years old he has already welcomed many guests sailing, hiking and discovering nearby settlements.

He documents the sea ice formation as seen from town on nearly a daily basis so people around the world who are interested in the Arctic and climate change can follow in real time. He has also been busy with making his own films of Uummannaq. This latest film is about sailing around the iceberg-filled waters in front of Kangilleq Glacier, and it is paired with emotive music by solo artist F – Frederik Elsner.

Watch the film.

Want to see more of gorgeous Uummannaq? Follow Uummannaq Seasafaris ApS in Facebook or follow Paaluk Kreutzmann in Vimeo.


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