10 Best Hotels: Stockholm

10 Best Hotels Stockholm
10 Best Hotels Stockholm

It’s hard to narrow down just a few characteristics of what Stockholm has to offer. But above all, what stands out about Stockholm in comparison to its Nordic sister cities is its laid-back nature.

While Stockholm does prioritise functionality and stylish aesthetics, those things are always kept in conjunction with the Swedish touch on comfort.

Here are the ten best hotels in Stockholm:

  1. Hotel Rival

    This hotel’s claim to fame is its owner, ABBA member Benny Andersson. It’s actually located in a former cinema and keeps the ABBA and film industry alive with its Art Deco décor. That décor includes film stills, period polaroids, and an array of bold colors. This hotel is just as trendy as its neighborhood of Södermalm.

  2. Lady Hamilton Hotel

    This hotel takes vintage to a new level. While most vintage hotels focus on the 19th and 20th centuries, the Lady Hamilton dates back to 1470. It got its name from the mistress of a Swedish maritime hero, Lord Nelson. The style of the hotel keeps true to its inspirations with nautical décor and antiques, a beachy color palette, and vintage collections.

  3. Browallshof


    The Browallshof is all the pomp and circumstance of a luxury vintage hotel but with the modern, tasteful décor equivalents of today. The rooms feature large beds, colorful paint, and the restaurant has a delectable restaurant that serves locally sourced and organic coffee and food.

  4. Birger Jarl

    Birger Jarl was a hotel that was created and designed by the best architects that Sweden has to offer. It’s an ultra-modern, sleek styled hotel that contains art exhibitions right in the main lobby. These exhibits are subject to change, so keep an eye out for artists or styles you might be interested in setting up next!

  5. The Ett Hem

    Ett Hem translates to “at home”. That’s exactly what this hotel seeks to accomplish. Here, you’ll get a homey feel in every room. The rooms have been designed by Jeanette Mix, the owner, and Ilse Crawford, a designer, with comfort in mind. They feature vintage and contemporary styles wrapped into a plethora of pillows, cozy furniture, and welcoming décor. This hotel is truly your home away from home.

  6. Airport Hotel

    You’ve probably already heard of this one because it reached internet acclaim once people caught wind of it. And that’s well-deserved. Because this hotel is one-of-a-kind. What makes it so special? Well, to be frank, it’s an airplane. This hotel is a Boeing plane that has been converted into a hotel and hospital. As such, it’s fairly small and accommodation space is limited. But it’s attached to Arlanda airport and is perfect for those coming for long layovers or short stays.

  7. Story Hotel

    This boutique hotel is a modern bohemian style and puts the emphasis on casual living. It’s touted as one of Stockholm’s coolest places to stay and is located front and center to Stockholm’s best shopping area.

  8. Victory Hotel

    Located in Old Town, this is a nautical-themed hotel that is a sister hotel to the Lady Hamilton. As such, it shares much of its style in common with its sister. However, what sets this one apart is that it’s a historical landmark that contains medieval ruins.

  9. Nordic Light

    Nordic Light is the perfect hotel for those that are in Stockholm on business. It uses light and simplicity to create its own unique style. However, travelers will love the convenient location of Nordic Light.

    Arlanda Airport, Stockholm center, and Grand Central Station are a stone’s throw away.

  10. Grand Hotel

    No list of Stockholm’s best hotels would be complete without Grand Hotel. It’s located a short walk from Stockholm’s best tourist spots and offers luxury décor, service, and accommodation for its guests. To top it off, there’s a critically acclaimed restaurant within which is staffed by the famous chef Mathias Dahlgren.




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