10 Best Hotels: Oslo

Grand Hotel Oslo

What makes Oslo special? Well, Norway is said to be the gateway to Scandinavian culture and history.

As such, Oslo is home to numerous museums, castles, historic buildings and artifacts, and countless pieces of history from as old as the age of Vikings that are ripe for the interested traveler to visit.

With a vast array of art and history, Oslo is a massively popular destination in Europe.

Here are the ten best hotels in Oslo:

Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel is just as special as Oslo itself, and that may be because it’s a cultural landmark in the city. It’s been standing since 1874 and has a striking outer appearance of luminescent copper. Numerous famous people have stayed at the Grand Hotel, and though it has now been modernized and brought into this century it still retains its 19th century charms.

Hotel Bristol

Hotel Bristol Oslo

With elegance, opulence, and a bit of Middle Eastern taste, the Hotel Bristol is truly transcendent from other places in Oslo. It’s a hotel that feels as elegant as it looks from the first step into the lobby to the moment your head hits the pillow on your lush, comfortable bed. It’s no wonder people are lining up to stay the night!

First Hotel Millennium

First Hotel Millennium

Though this hotel may be giant, it doesn’t have any lack for personality and style in all of its fantastic rooms. It’s located in the center of Oslo and contains one of the top-rated restaurants in the city called Ciaou Ciaou. Like many hotels in Oslo, the First Hotel Millennium is art-deco style with a touch of minimalism.


Cochs Pensjonat

Cochs Pensjonat

It’s no secret that Oslo is an expensive city. That’s what makes the Cochs Pensjonat such a gem. It stands out for its fair pricing in a city full of high prices. But that low price doesn’t indicate any lack of cleanliness, amenities, and style. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The Cochs Pensjonat has high ceilings, post-modern style, and keeps things simple but comfortable. Perfect!

Grims Grenka

Grims GrenkaGrims Grenka can only be described as cosmopolitan. Like most Nordic styles, this hotel incorporates a minimalist style but it has strong hipster and ultra-modern influences as well. This makes it cool, unique, and one of the must-visits in Oslo.


The Thief

The Thief hotel osloWith a name that stands out like “The Thief”, there’s a lot for this hotel to live up to. And that it does! Not only is it in a dynamite location right smack in the middle of the Astrup Fearnley Museum and the canals, but it also features contemporary art and Norwegian style that gives this hotel a totally unique décor style that is unmatched by any other hotel in the city!

Ellingsens Pensjonat

Ellingsens PensjonatEllingsens Pensjonat is quaint, comfortable, and perfect for both morning people and night owls. It offers breakfast, quick passage to the heart of Oslo, the Royal Palace, and a rich history that is kept alive even through all the modern décor and amenities the hotel has to offer. This is your home away from home in Oslo without a doubt!


Hotel Folketeateret

Hotel FolketeateretIf you’re traveling to Oslo on a budget, Hotel Folketeateret should be on the top of your list. It’s a fantastic deal and is located a short walk away from some of Oslo’s most popular tourist destinations. Aside from its location and price, the hotel itself has plenty to offer in the way of amenities like complimentary meals and clean, crisp décor and furniture.

Grand Central Hotel

Grand Central HotelThe Grand Central Hotel, not the Grand Hotel, is a hotel that is located in an old train station. This unique building is charming in its own regard and features industrial-modern décor like exposed brick and graffiti that was styled to fit the hotel perfectly. But that’s not all. It also has stunning views of the Oslo Opera House!


Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica

Holmenkollen Park Hotel RicaLast but not least, the Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica is one to consider for your stay in Oslo. It’s a historic landmark because it used to be a sanitarium for patients diagnosed with tuberculosis. However grim that may be, the hotel makes up for and makes use of its past by keeping its history alive and bringing a unique take to the décor. But perhaps the best part of this hotel is that it was occupied by the Germans in the second World War because of its access to the mountains. So, you get access to the outdoors, unbeatable views, history, and modern amenities all in one!





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