10 Best Hotels: Helsinki

10 Best Hotels: Helsinki
10 Best Hotels: Helsinki

Helsinki is the coastal capital of Finland. It’s home to numerous unique districts, a rich culture and art scene, and a whole lot of personality to boot.

While Finland is known for its practicality and cold nature, Helsinki as a city is incredibly warm, inviting, and desirable for travelers of all kinds.

Here are the ten best hotels in Helsinki:

1. Hotel Helka

Hotel Helka is unique in that its proceeds are all donated to helping protect vulnerable women. That’s because it was originally a safe house for women as part of the YWCA in Finland. But don’t just stay here for your moral compass. Hotel Helka also has a private sauna, a welcoming aura, and gorgeous modern décor!

2. Hotel Finn

Historical, great-service, and relaxed are all words used to describe this hotel. It was built in an old building and uses modern décor with a twist to create a uniquely Finnish hotel.



3. Hotel Lilla Roberts

The first thing guests notice at Hotel Lilla Roberts is the fireplace in the lobby as soon as you walk in. This hotel has a restaurant called Krog Roba, is known for being warm and comfortable, and keeps relaxation as the number one priority.


4. Hotel Rantapuisto

As the name signifies in Finnish, “beach park”, this hotel is located on the ocean. However, it’s not far from the center of the city. This makes it a convenient yet peaceful spot for travelers to stay during their visit to Helsinki. Numerous outdoor activities are provided through Hotel Rantapuisto, as well!

5. Hotel Anna

Hotel Anna is located in the design district of Helsinki. It aims to be a place of tranquility and relaxation for its guests, and in that it succeeds! It’s also located in a gorgeous historical building. Can’t beat that!


6. Hotel Kämp

If you’re into history, Hotel Kämp is the place to be. It’s one of the oldest hotels the city has to offer, and it keeps its history alive in its décor and style. Despite being historical, Hotel Kämp is also highly modern and has numerous upper-class amenities to offer its guests.


7.Glo Hotel Art

Glo Hotel Art is a hotel that champions art and class, as well as provides an affordable accommodation for art and design lovers visiting Helsinki. It’s comfortable, has luxury amenities, and has delicious food!


8. Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo is popular for its central location between numerous tourist hot spots in Helsinki. Beyond that, this design district hotel has a delicious restaurant, offers relaxing and health-oriented activities, and employs historical and classical style in its décor.


9. Hotel Haven

There’s a reason why Hotel Haven is at the top of the lists for the best hotels in Helsinki. It’s affordable, but even with its low price a stay here comes packed with numerous high-value amenities like free wi-fi, a free welcome drink, and a fantastic restaurant to boot!


10. Hotel Fabian

Last but not least, Hotel Fabian makes this list because it’s a home away from home in Helsinki. It prioritizes comfort, relaxation, and that home-style feel for its guests. It’s also close to the center of Helsinki and offers apartment style rooms for guests who want to stay for a longer duration of time.



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