10 Best Hotels: Copenhagen

10 Best Hotels: Copenhagen
10 Best Hotels: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city revered for its coolness and unique Scandinavian designs. That’s a big part of what has created such a surge of travel in Denmark in the past few years.

However, because Copenhagen is such a popular destination these days there have been dozens of new hotels and hostels that have popped up to accommodate all the excited visitors that Copenhagen welcomes to its doors. So, how do you decide which is best for you?

Here are the ten best hotels in Copenhagen:

  1. SP34

    SP34 is located in the Latin district of Copenhagen. It’s a stone’s throw from the big shopping street known as Stroeget. This hotel is actually a row of ultra-modern townhouses that have been converted into stylish hotel suites that fit all budgets. Guests can treat themselves to the hotel’s special brand of organic lager and Denmark’s largest port wine selection.

  2. The Andersen

    The Andersen is known for its urban coolness. This hotel breaks the rules that the hotel industry has arbitrarily employed since the dawn of time. It’s called “forward thinking” and is modern in décor and practice. Each room is decorated in its own unique style.

  3. Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen

    This hotel was designed by a famous Danish designer by the name of Arne Jacobsen. Originally a skyscraper and the home of Scandinavian Airlines, this now-hotel is currently undergoing renovations, but one room has been kept entirely original from Jacobsen’s designs.

  4. Hotel Alexandra

    Hotel Alexandra is has kept true to its vintage roots and keeps the 1950s and 60s alive throughout its trendy and homestyle Danish décor around the entire hotel.

  5. Ibsens Hotel

    Located near Noerreport station, this hotel brings the best of both Denmark’s natural and urban worlds together. It’s adjacent to a botanical garden on one side of the hotel, but the inner city can be found just on the other. It employs a minimalist style that doesn’t sacrifice coziness for function.

  6. The Savoy

    If you’re looking to save a buck on your trip to Copenhagen, look no further than the Savoy. It’s a family-owned hotel with 66 rooms that span all different budgets. Comfort, comfort, and comfort are of the utmost priority here!

  7. 71 Nyhavn Hotel

    71 Nyhavn is located on the Copenhagen Harbor. Its location means that guests will have stunning ocean-front views of the city of Copenhagen. Beyond the staggering views, this hotel is also unique in that its located in two former warehouses that have been renovated into a hotel that employs industrial-modern décor.

  8. CPH Living

    This hotel is cozy with only 12 rooms. But cozy isn’t why guests come here. They come because the hotel is actually a barge that had been converted into a hotel. But don’t let that fool you. This hotel is still stunningly modern with great views, a rooftop terrace, and is located in the convenient center of Christianshavn

  9. Hotel Skt Annae

    In its past, Hotel Skt Annae was a password-protected hub for criminals and smugglers. No longer being a place for criminals to gather, this hotel has undergone recent renovation in 2016 to bring it into the current Danish styles of today. It’s functional, comfortable, and criminal-free!

  10. Nobis Hotel

    For those with a little more spending money in their pockets, the Nobis Hotel is what you’re looking for. It’s a luxury hotel located right in the center of Copenhagen right by the Tivoli Gardens. It has a grand staircase made of elegant marble, high ceilings, leather furniture, and an array of five-star amenities.


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