WOW air has transported more than 1.2 million passengers, a 124% increase over the same period from the previous year.

Wow Air

WOW air transported 261 thousand passengers to and from the Iceland in June, or 56% more passengers than in June 2016.

The seat occupancy was 86% in June this year, similar to the same period last year, despite a 54% increase in seat milage.

So far this year, WOW air has transported more than 1.2 million passengers, a 124% increase over the same period from the previous year.

About WOW

WOW air is a happy low-fare, long-haul airline based in Iceland. The airline was founded in November 2011 and serves 33 destinations across Europe, North America and Asia. WOW air is committed to providing the cheapest flights to and from Iceland and across the Atlantic, and providing a memorable service all the way.

WOW history

WOW air was founded by entrepreneur Skúli Mogensen, whose extensive business background is largely in technology and telecoms in Iceland, Europe and North America. WOW air is entirely owned by Mogensen, who sits on the board of many tech companies both in North America and Europe. Mogensen was selected Business Man of the Year in Iceland, in 2011 and 2016.

WOW air’s inaugural flight was to Paris on May 31st 2012 and in October that same year WOW air took over the flight operations of Iceland Express. Only a year later, in October 2013 WOW air was awarded the Air Operator‘s Certificate (AOC) by the Icelandic Transport Authority.

WOW guests

WOW air has grown rapidly since its inaugural flight in 2012. The airline carried over 400.000 guests in 2013 and was the most punctual airline in Iceland that year. WOW air reached an important milestone in December 2014 when the airline carried its one millionth guest. It is estimated that WOW air’s annual passenger capacity will grow from approximately 1.6 million in 2016 to over 3 million in 2017.

WOW people

WOW air currently employs around 900 talented and hard working people. Most of them have extensive experience in the tourism and airline industry. Whether it’s overseeing flight operations, helping customers over the phone, or keeping our guests safe on-board, there is a seasoned professional taking care of things.

WOW aircraft

WOW air operates three Airbus A320 aircraft, seven Airbus A321 and three Airbus A330. The A320 is the choice of many of the world’s leading airlines and a perfect fit for our short haul flights between Europe and Iceland. For WOW air’s flights to North America, the airline operates the Airbus A321, the largest member of the Airbus A320 Family. WOW air’s California routes are serviced by three Airbus A330 aircraft, the first wide-body jets in the WOW air fleet. We are proud to operate the youngest fleet in Iceland with the lowest emission. Meet the fleet.

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