Keflavik Airport is ranked number 47 on the list of World Best Airport by AirHelp.

Two Nordic airports are on the list of ten best airports in the world. Keflavik Airport is 47th of the 76 airports rated by punctuality, quality and service.

The company AirHelp takes the list together.

At the top, Changi Airport thrives in Singapore, the airport in Munich and Hong Kong. Kastrup Airport in Denmark is in fourth place and Vantaa Airport in Finland in the fifth.

The Sky News news reports that four British airports are among the top 10 of the list, including Stansted and Gatwick. The airport in Kuwait is said to be the worst.

Asian, Scandinavian and German airports make up the top five in the rankings – as Kuwait takes the bottom spot.

Worst 10 airports by ranking

  • Kuwait 5.02
  • London Gatwick 5.38
  • Manchester 5.43
  • Newark Liberty, New Jersey, USA 5.92
  • Stansted 6.07
  • Edinburgh 6.10
  • Mumbai, India 6.21
  • Dubai, UAE 6.24
  • Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Thailand 6.30
  • Delhi, India 6.31

Heathrow was the only British airport to fly high as the 20th best airport. It fell between San Francisco and Vancouver.

Top 10 airports by ranking

  • Singapore Changi 9.07
  • Munich, Germany 8.66
  • Hong Kong 8.42
  • Copenhagen Kastrup, Denmark 8.04
  • Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland 8.03
  • Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky, USA 7.94
  • Barcelona El Prat, Spain 7.90
  • Madrid Adolfo Suarez-Barajas, Spain 7.81
  • Auckland, New Zealand 7.80
  • Frankfurt, Germany 7.76

About the AirHelp Score Airport Ranking

Airhelp Score compares each airport using three different criteria to give you a full picture of how they perform. We provide statistics on the quality of service, on-time performance, and the passenger experience of a given airport, thanks to analysis conducted on Twitter. Air travel is about more than just the price of the ticket.

On-Time Performance

We pull the on-time departure statistics for flights departing from the airport for the last season to determine how likely they are to depart on time.

Quality of service

This rating, from, factors in hundreds of metrics and details to give us a measure of an airport’s quality of service, from terminal comfort to passenger facilities to check-in and security.

Passenger sentiment

This rating takes into account how passengers express sentiment about their experience traveling through the airport on Twitter.


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