Iceland is truly a land of infinite experiences, where everything a traveler does seems infinitely more magical and inspiring there. One of the features that make Iceland such a fascinating destination is the countless things one can try in order to experience the country and its people, from ocean fishing to horseback riding, from cultural discovery visits to watching the Northern Lights.

But if there is something that is truly authentic and specific to Iceland, that is whale watching. Here, travelers can find some of the best experiences of this kind in the world, with amazing tours leaving from most ports and cities.

What could be more inspiring than chasing these magnificent creatures and discovering their world, leaving some small village in an old fishing boat and having the priceless local insights.

Whale watching is one of the best eco tours in the world, gaining more and more popularity today, as people seem to realize how beautiful the marine world truly is. Iceland is one of the best destination for people looking for the biggest inhabitants of the oceans, an awe-inspiring experience.

There are several types of whales that can be admired in the waters off the coasts of Iceland and most of the tours have a high rate of successful encounters. While the most sighted species are minke whales, white-beacked dolphins or harbour porpoises, there are also awesome encounters with the majestic humpback whales. Plus, the wonderful views of the Icelandic fjords and encounters with many species of birds, make the experience even more enchanting.

The best locations for successful whale encounters include Husavik in the northeast, considered the European capital of whale watching, but also other destinations like Reykjavik and Snaefellsness Peninsula.

If you would like to travel to Iceland just to try this amazing experience, make sure you choose some of the best operators, offering an insightful journey to the whale spots and try to combine these tours with other amazing active opportunities in Iceland.

Whale watching can be a life-changing experience, showing the wild and magnificent side of nature and Iceland can be considered one of the most representative places on Earth in what regards these human adventures. One certainly feels overwhelmed sailing in a tiny ship along huge whales, entering a world that is still mostly unknown.


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