101 Harbor Restaurant: WE FOCUS ON SEA FOOD

101 Harbor Restaurant

101 Harbor is an ideal restaurant for people who love sea food as we know how to take fish seriously. The dramatic location of out restaurant near the harbor, docked ships and whale watching tour companies make 101 Harbor a perfect place to go to if you are looking for a sea food restaurant. Not only we serve sea food menu but also are a steak restaurant at Reykjavik Iceland.

Our wining and dining in Reykjavik Iceland is very famous mainly amongst the tourists and travellers as they usually stop by to enjoy the whale watching sessions and then later drop by to have a taste of our famously served sea food.

Our chefs are there to help you decide what’s best on the menu and also help you pick something according to your taste and mood. Our workers are well aware of the menu, the ingredients we choose and the serving type and style that each sea food dish we offer in order to give you a pleasant and memorable experience so you keep coming back.  You can also get your food coked by your liking for eg; if you like pan fried, grilled or poached fish.

Good sea food can be hard to find and come by. Dining in Reykjavik, 101 Harbor consists of 100% authentic sea food that you are looking for. The city’s close vicinity to the sea shows that you have come to the right place for the right kind of food that you have been longing to try. Sea food is definitely our specialty and is the talk of the town. If you are looking for some fresh seafood, you are guaranteed that you will find everything here that you have been looking for. From various types of fishes to salmon, lobsters, shrimps, oysters, mussels and so much more can be found here in our menu.

The best part about 101 Harbor is that when we compare it to different sea food restaurants, our sea food restaurant does not require reservations and is a walk – in place. The restaurant has a casual and comfortable environment and is always inviting the walk-ins to stop by and to eat any time.

Besides having sea food as our specialty, we are also known to serve some best steaks in town, different wine options, some refreshing cocktails and unique desserts to end your sweet tooth cravings.



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