Aurora borealis at Mount Kirkjufell Iceland

While many people might think that Iceland is just frozen place with good winter sports activities, things could not be more different, as the destination enjoys a rather mild climate for its Nordic latitude. Although a Northern European country, the island is located far away from the mainland, making it a more exotic destination than one might think.

It is especially charming for people that are searching for remote and undisturbed natural beauty, for amazing glaciers close to hot geothermal pools, for Viking legends and a rich cultural heritage and so on.

It can easily be described as a bazaar of attractions and emotions. There are many reasons one should travel to Iceland and some of them are unique or unusual, offering an unforgettable experience for anyone who dares to make the island a destination.

Despite what most people might think, Iceland is not covered in ice all year round, although there are still some areas where visitors can marvel before the magnificence of the glaciers. A great time to visit is during the summer, when the days are longest and it almost never gets dark. The stunning scenery comes to life, giving unique opportunities for discovering the natural assets of the destination.

The high mountains offer plenty of hiking trails and routes, passing through impressive landscapes, by charming waterfalls and canyons. Iceland is also a great destination for geothermal spa relaxation, with the famous Blue Lagoon sight in the southern of the island. For those that love active tourism, this might be the ultimate destination, with everything from ice climbing to whale watching and from fishing to whitewater rafting, the opportunities are endless.

There are surely many fascinating sights in Iceland, starting from the beaches backed by green rolling hills and snow-capped mountains, but Iceland is also a great cultural destination. The capital of Reykjavik and several other major cities have interesting landmarks and cultural attractions, with old town areas that show the deep roots of the Icelandic culture. The Viking touch can still be sensed here and there, especially in smaller towns and villages that have preserved some traditions and customs over the centuries.

While the cities get the majority of tourists, the traditional settlements are equally insightful and appealing. Not lastly, those that are truly lucky can get a glimpse of the unique Aurora Borealis phenomena that is best seen in the countryside during the colder months.



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