Thorsmork is a mountain edge situated in the south of Iceland between the  glaciers Eyjafjallajökull and Tindfjallajökull. The place was named after Thor, the Norse god. It is one of the most popular areas that is found in Iceland hence, the adventurous crowds can often be seen here. Thorsmork is a popular place among the hikers where various different tours are possible.

It is one of those places that is so naturally beautiful that it looks too good to be true. The volcanic glaciers, the bright green mountains, the braided glacier rivers and the raw rugged nature makes one feel literally like they are in heaven or that it’s a dream. But when you see all this in person, you realize that Thorsmork completely knows how hold up its reputation among the travellers.

It is often known as the Valley of Thor where one can really experience the power of the nature and find some of the most astounding sceneries all over Iceland.


The roads that travels in Thorsmork are such that only 4 x 4 vehicles can work there that are allowed only to make your journey. The 4 x 4 vehicles roads are an option if you want to travel yourself in Thorsmork.

Hire a Ride

Mountain buses and super jeeps are also another source to of travel to move around in Thorsmork. Mountain buses and super jeeps drive into Thorsmork during the months from May till October. Buses can be found from Reykjavik or you may catch them from different stops as well.


There are two long treks that can be found in Thorsmork, Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls. The Laugavegur trek is a multiple day hike starting from Landmannalaugar  and ending at Thorsmork. Whereas, the Fimmvörðuháls is an 8 to 10 hour trek hike that is extremely difficult terrain into Thorsmork. As astonishing as these hikes may sound and look, it is really difficult to make your way up there. Well, that’s what the adventure is all about.

Where to Stay

Volcano Huts are the popular place to stay at during the summer months once the Laugavegur trek officially ends. They are located in the middle of the Laugavegur nature reserve in the Húsadalur  valley. These volcano huts are amazing place to be and stay at as you can camp here, get an easy access to the best hiking trails in the valley and stay at a multi person dorm or renting a private hut.

Eat, Drink and Enjoy

The volcano huts are the only source of accommodation at Thorsmork that offer amenities and additional services. These volcano huts offer the following;

  • Campfires at night
  • Lava Grill restaurant and bar
  • Yard games such as such as croquet, Frisbee etc
  • Read a book from their library of books
  • Small playground for the kids

If you are looking for your options to relax, Thorsmork is nowhere behind in that too. Following are the options that you can opt for if you want to chill and relax;

  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Sauna and Geothermal pool



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