Sushi Corner in Akureyri Iceland

Sushi Corner Restaurant in Akureyri Iceland
Sushi Corner Restaurant in Akureyri Iceland

When it comes to food, there are number of amazing dishes out there in the world, and when it comes to food lovers like us, we want to try everything that just make our taste buds go crazy. What is that one thing you want it to be perfect? It’s the food. It’s always the food. No matter wherever we go, whatever we are doing, we want the best food to make our day more memorable.

Sushi Corner Akureyri
Sushi Corner Akureyri

Have you noticed? Whenever we talk to someone about our travels, we talk about the places first where we went, and the next most important thing which clicks our mind, is about telling the other what amazing food we had there. Here is one amazing restaurant for you that you should know about. Sushi Corner is a restaurant in Akureyri, Iceland.

When it comes to big fancy places we all know their names. Well, Sushi Corner is not one of those big fancy restaurant but is sure one hell of a place. The restaurant is on the corner of Kaupvangsstræti and Glerargata. It is owned by Einar Geirsson who is also the owner of Rub23, the most renowned restaurant is Akureyri.

Enough about the history and where the restaurant is located. Let’s talk about what it serves. As the name says at all, Sushi Corner is famous for offering one of the best sushi in town. All the dishes are amazing here, they are so fresh they make your taste buds go crazy and trust me on this, I’m not even exaggerating. Apart from providing best quality food the place is also famous for reasonable prices.

It’s not at all expensive and offer a good deal. So, if you are looking for a place which would offer the best sushi in town, you now know where to go. The atmosphere here is also very pleasant. The staff is always very friendly. Though it’s a small and cosy place but has great opportunity.

It also offers amazing view of the ocean, which people actually really, really love. Even the interiors, the chairs here, everything is so comfortable. The people of Akureyri are now the happiest, they just got the place they would love to go. I know when it comes to food, there is a foodie inside us. And we all become Joey, well not the part where we don’t want to share our food with anyone but the part where we want to have the best food which is being served. And all being served with such reasonable prices.

Sushi Corner is the most perfect place for you, because, one it offers more than amazing food, second, the prices here so reasonable, you would thank yourself for going to this place.

Sushi Corner awaits for you. Try out this place and have an amazing time. Happy eating!


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