The story of Sólfell the house that houses 101 Harbor Restaurant

101 Harbor Restaurant
101 Harbor Restaurant

The house was built Sólfell Kirkjusandur in 1921 by Th. Thor Steinsson sh processors spirit. It was the biggest sh industry buildings that stood in his way and the most technologically advanced. Salt Fish processing was a major industry here that is familiar and great value went through the house to the processing were used. After standing now only two such houses in Reykjavik, Sólfell and Alliance Building at Ánanaust.

After salt fish lay of Kirkjusandur the house was used for automobile repair and storage. Towards the end, the used protective Reykjavik Street house for many years. In 2007 the building headquarters of Glitnir Kirkjusandur and the City sold the plot for the construction of SVR. Sólfell was for the plan and had to depart.

Minjavernd Glitnir urged to take advantage of the building site for the reception house for example, but it was not considered possible and deciding to demolish it. Minjavernd wrote to the City of Reykjavik to take over the house and it was made in the autumn of 2007. Extension of it was taken down, but the house itself moved to storage.

In the spring of 2010, plans for future location for the house and was important to the parking near the sea. Minjavernd sought to Faxa óahafna location and was well received. The good cooperation with the honor of the people who work there the house was the meeting place and prepared plot called now Ægisgarður 2.

The house was moved to its future place in the spring of 2011, work had been to repair the west Slippurinn Akureyri ehf since the fall of 2010. The activities started since house in the autumn of 2011.

The restoration of the building was focused on the rst appearance of a thought to the extent possible was. Thus, its windows today identical to previously, paneling on the walls inside was recovered and internal structure rebuilt. Was placed between the platform of the old house, and a new building erected on the north, which has the same form and the Annex Building formerly stood at the same side.

The house is now operated as 101 Harbor Restaurant. Staff conservation of antiquities worked most of the restoration of the building. ARGOS ehf., Architect Greta and Stephen were the main designers, but Engineering Services Hjalti VJI and across cared engineering aspects.

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