McDonalds Coming to Iceland?
McDonalds Coming to Iceland? reports that Iceland is in McDonalds development plan.

We thought that after the unsuccessful opperation of McDonalds here in Iceland that McDonalds would never come back.

“Over the last several years our company has focused on existing markets and has deferred the development of our brand into new markets – a strategy that has worked very well for our shareholders and employees.
McDonald’s will continue with this strategy for some period but in the future we may take steps towards seeking franchisees for markets where we do not have a presence, including Iceland.
If we seek a franchisee to represent us the person will have the following characteristics:
High integrity, business experience in the market, history of success, ability to work well with a franchisor, retail experience, knowledge of the real estate market and significant capital.
If you would like to complete an application please click on the link below and submit it to us.
If we proceed with our development plans in Iceland, we will give fair consideration to all candidates and will contact those individuals who best meet the requirements we seek in a franchisee for the first phase of the selection process. Of course, the actual selection of a franchisee is always in McDonald’s sole discretion”

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