Overnight stays in March were 352,600, which is 17% higher than March 2016.

Overnight stays of 88% of total overnight stays in Iceland were around 17%, compared to the same period last year, while Icelanders’ overnight stays increased by 15%. Statistics Iceland reports this. Most overnight stays in hotels were in the capital area or 233,000, which is 12% higher than March 2016.

About 66% of all overnight stays were in the capital area. The closest people were overnight stays in the south country or about 66,300. Foreign guests with most overnight stays in March were Americans with 93,700, British with 90,600 overnight stays and Germans with 24,300, while Icelandic overnight stays in March were 42,000.

In the twelve month period from April 2016 to March 2017, the total number of overnight stays in hotels was 4,060,000, a 32% increase over the same period the year before. Room utilization in March 2017 was 73.3%, an increase of 4.3 percentage points from March 2016, when it was 69.0%. The utilization was best in the capital area, or by 91.1%.

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