101 Harbor Restaurant: OUR COCKTAIL MASTER

Elna Maria Tómasdóttir 
Cocktail master at 101 harbor

If you are looking for a place to beat the summer heat, there’s no place better to visit than the 101 Harbor in Iceland. Not only our restaurant is known to be famous for its sea food, steaks, ambiance and location but it is also popular to serve some of the best cocktails in the world.

Recently, 101 Harbor has hired a cocktail special, Elna Maria Tómasdóttir in our team to serve you with the best and new kinds of drinks and cocktails that you have never tried before. Our newest member in the team, Elna Maria Tómasdóttir has graduated from Hotel and Restaurant School in 2012 and in 2015; she graduated from IBA European Training Center in Estonia.

It is because of her passion of making and serving delicious cocktails, we have hired her as our cocktail maker at 101 Harbor. Her passion can evidently be seen in her outstanding achievements that she has received. She got first position in the Icelandic Bartender Competition 2017 for her cocktail Dionysus and was a runner up previously in the same competition in 2016. She has been participating in such cocktail competitions for over ten years which clearly proves her passion for cocktail making hence, the reason why we hired her to serve our customers with the best and unique kind of cocktail drinks.

We are looking forward for Elna to serve our guests with her cocktails that contains some of her secret recipes and of course all the classical cocktails.

Kick back and relax on the couches while Elna is there to serve you with some of her refreshing drinks for a modern twist on the classics. Expect the perfectly garnished drinks and bright colored cocktails with a rock and roll edge served by our very own cocktail specialist.

The live cocktail making done by Elna is an enjoyable experience itself. Not only she loves offering and serving her famous drinks and cocktails, but also she keeps trying out new experiments and give a chance to our guests to try out whatever she comes up with and takes their opinion in a positive manner. She surely knows how to do her research well about the cocktails she makes and then serve it to our guests. From the taste to the presentation, Elna Maria Tómasdóttir surely knows how to win hearts of our customers and how to keep them coming back to us.


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