Laufskalar in Hella South Iceland a Home Away from Home
Laufskalar in Hella South Iceland a Home Away from Home

When it comes to finding houses for your family to stay inn during your vacation in the south of Iceland, it’s one of the most dreading job to do.

With your requirement lists and comfortability, the job gets even tougher. If you are in Hella and looking for a beautiful, gorgeous house in there. Your life’s biggest worry is about to get solved. Laufskalar 20 is a gorgeous house in Hella which is just a 3 minutes’ walk away from geothermal swimming pool. The house is all you have very wished for. With three bedrooms, kitchen and a bathroom living room, the place has got everything one can ask for.

There is a plenty space for parking outside the house. The house is a place for six people who can enjoy a comfortable life and sleep without worrying about getting a proper and complete space. Ever dreamt of a house which could be built in a place so perfect that you can reach all the beautiful attractions of the town in a blink? Your dream has just came true.

Living in this house would give you the benefit to reach all major and beautiful south Iceland attractions within one hour. From Skogarfoss to Geysir to Gullfoss, to Seljalandfoss, all the beautiful places just an hour away from you. Thingvellir and other beautiful sites can also be reached within one hour radius.

Why to choose Laufskalar 20?

If the above amazing mentioned things are not enough for you. And you are still in a doubt whether you should plan on to live in this house or not. Following are the other amazing things which Laufskalar 20 offers;

Kitchen Accessories:

Have you ever lived in a place where you had to buy all the kitchen related stuff because there wasn’t any? If yes, then your worry has been heard. Laufskalar 20 in its kitchen offers microwave in which you can just heat up your leftovers and its okay if you don’t cook. It also provides fridegerator where you can put your groceries, water bottles, leftovers and keep them cool and refresh. There is also a gas grill, which means you can cook whatever and whenever you want to. Cooking at home, will save you a big time in terms of cost cutting. And you will also be eating healthy. With the help of dishwasher you can easily wash your dishes.

The kitchen also has a toaster, by which you can easily brown your bread in the morning if you are getting late. With the Senzeo coffeemaker, you can make coffee whenever you want to without doing much efforts.

With the smoothie blender in the kitchen you are free to make smoothies whenever you want to. Overall, the house has more than a perfect kitchen which one could ask for.

Other Accessories:

If you think this must be it, there is more. The house provides a TV and DVD, which means you can watch your favourite shows every day without the fear of missing them. And the last but definitely not the least, the house

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