Icelandair 757 Vatanjökull
Jetphotos Vatnajokull Icelandair

One of Iceland’s Boeing 757 jets has been painted in a special Vatnajökull color theme, just landed at Keflavík Airport after the paintwork in the UK.

The Boeing 757 TF-FIR is now called “Vatnajökull”, after the Glacier Vatnajökull was previously named “Askja”.

The aircraft was painted by Air Livery in Norwich, and this is the second airplane in Icelandair fleet that is painted in special color scheme, but “Hekla Aurora” has received a lot of attention after it was painted in the northern lights colors in 2015.

Icelandair Hekla Aurora Borealis
Icelandair Hekla Aurora Borealis

The Vatnajökull aircraft comes with special markings on the occasion of Icelandair’s flight history. Icelandair is celebrating its 80-year-old flight this year. The company was founded in 1937.

Image by Jetphoto

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