Dubbed one of Iceland’s best hotels by Trip Advisor, Hotel Glymur is a hotel that prides itself on its friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Just a short drive from the city of Reykjavik, Hotel Glymur is located in Hvalfjordur and offers fantastic views over the whale fjord. Most of Glymur’s guests come for the whale fjord, but Hotel Glymur is a reason to visit the area all on its own.

Beside the hotel offers a series of reasonably priced villas. The villas were completed only recently in 2010, and each are uniquely designed so that guests can get a unique experience no matter which they stay in. They’re all thematic and have their own colour scheme, but together they create one big picture of an enchanting, relaxing atmosphere. The six villas are: Villa Elegance, Villa Creativity, Villa Couture, Villa Romance, Villa Family, and Villa Nature.

The Villas

In the villas, the priority is luxury, style, and elegance with a natural focus. This means that you get all the amenities and comforts of a luxury villa without forgetting the pristine nature that makes Iceland such a top priority visit for travellers worldwide. Each villa has a gorgeous view that overlooks that whale fjord, as well. There are also peaceful verandas that come equipped with cozy furniture and steamy hot tubs. Having a restful evening and don’t want to leave the comforts of your luxury villa? Hotel Glymur offers room service from its highly rated bar and restaurant!

Speaking of food, the Hotel Glymur restaurant is not to be missed. Their menu is filled to the brim with decadent entrees from sea and from land, complete with flavours from warm comfort to zany and sharp. There’s delicious eats for every season and every appetite there, and desserts are on special every day. Visit the in-house restaurant and feast your evening away, or have your food brought to your villa for a little more privacy. Either way, Glymur is happy to accommodate.

The main attraction for those visiting Hotel Glymur and Hvalfjordur is, well, of course it’s the whale fjord! You can hike all 40km of it and enjoy the stunning ocean views. The whale fjord is also rich in history, as during the Second World War, the British and the American militaries used it for various military activities. Many remnants of this period remain and act as historical markers and reminders of days gone by. But the fjord is not all there is to see, for a 15-minute drive from the hotel and a three-hour hike gets you to another of Iceland’s natural wonders: Waterfall Glymur.

Waterfall Glymur is Iceland’s second highest waterfall, and the beautiful cascades of water are enchanting to look at and give off almost a mystical feeling. The waterfall is 196m high and falls between the crevice of two large cliffs. To get there, you’ll have to hike three hours each way starting at the bottom of Hvalfjordur. But trust me, the reward is so worth your effort. Make seeing Waterfall Glymur a priority during your stay in Hvalfjordur, and you won’t be disappointed!

Hvalfjordur is overflowing with the natural kind of beauty that so characterizes Iceland. From the fjord itself to the cascading waterfall, there’s plenty to do and see – especially if you’re the outdoorsy kind who likes to get active. Just slightly over 50km from Reykjavik, Hvalfjordur is convenient to get to and offers great lodging accommodations at Hotel Glymur.

Really, Hotel Glymur could even be counted as a reason in and of itself to visit Hvalfjordur. There’s a reason it’s rated one of Iceland’s best! Next time you’re visiting, try it out for yourself to see if the ratings hold true!

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