Imagine you are on an endless field of tall green grass weaving in the wind, far away in the distance you hear the waves and on the other side you see the tall snow-capped mountain tops. The cold air of Iceland cannot be heated by the feeble rays of sun.

Now imagine you are alone, horseback riding next to one of those picturesque fjords you can only see in postcards. If there is another thing that one must do in Iceland, besides fishing, is riding a horse. Nothing can compare to this fascinating activity in the pristine landscapes of the island. If there is country where freedom has another meaning to anywhere else, that is Iceland, offering countless opportunities to feel one with nature, to be part of its true magnificence.

What better way to experience this than by joining one of the many horseback riding tours of Iceland. If you are passionate about it, or simply want to discover the charm of Iceland this way, there are plenty of options available, from several hours spent in a typical Icelandic horse ranch to days or weeks long tours that explore the wild landscapes of the country. There are even more specialized experiences, such as the sheep round-up with horses. Some of the most scenic routes take adventure seekers deep into the highland of Iceland, discovering its beauty through all seasons, from the sunny spring to the frozen winter.

Finding a good horseback riding tour or activity is pretty easy, as it is one of the most popular in Iceland, especially in towns, but also in smaller villages with horse farms.

Most of these tours use the docile but highly resistant Icelandic horse, small by stature, but very dependant and used to the low temperatures of the island. If you are dreaming about trying horseback riding in Iceland, you should know that while there are easy tours of up to a day, where you can also learn the basics of riding a horse, there are also extreme tours, of several day to over a week, where you are riding for hundreds of kilometers and many hours each day.

Whatever you might like, this is one of the most rewarding and fascinating things to do in Iceland and if you are keen on discovering the true essence of the country, this is an essential piece.

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