Isavia will begin collecting a fee for parking spaces for coaches at Leif Eiriksson´s Air Terminal on 1 March 2018. The parking spaces are for the bus service operators who do not, at present, pay for facilities. This is in tune with the policy of Isavia that the income of each area in traffic organisation cover the cost of the services provided and future development. In addition, it is important for Isavia to strengthen non-flight related income bases, as this will allow the company to cover the cost of the significant developments planned at Keflavík Airport.
The coach parking spaces are among the last service aspects in the traffic organisation where Isavia imposes a fee. The tour operators that have facilities closer to the terminal and sales booths inside the terminal have been paying for their facilities for a long time. Parking spaces for private vehicles have been subject to fees for a number of years, car rentals pay for their facilities and fees were recently introduced for taxi parking spaces. This new fee is therefore in tune with what has previously been decided and advertised. Access controlled gates will be installed and access cards will only be granted to companies with a valid tour operator licence.
Hlynur Sigurdsson, Director of Business Development at Keflavík Airport: “As has been stated earlier, there are immense investments ahead at Keflavík Airport and these need to be executed quickly. Over recent years, Isavia has been working on strengthening its income base in order to ensure that the company can use its own resources to fund the most extensive construction period in the history of Keflavík Airport.”
According to the the price list, smaller coaches seating 19 or fewer pay ISK 7,900 and larger coaches seating 20 or more passengers pay ISK 19,900. Payment is only collected each time that passengers are collected but not when passengers are let off at the terminal.
Further information will be supplied by Hlynur Sigurðsson, Isavia’s Director of Business Development at Keflavík Airport, Tel. No. +354 895-0409.


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