Easy Jet exceeds Icelandair with departures from Iceland to UK next winter

Easy Jet exceeds Icelandair with departures from Iceland to UK
Easy Jet exceeds Icelandair with departures from Iceland to UK

According to Túristi Air travel between Iceland and the UK reaches its peak during the winter months, and especially in February when British schools go on their break.

The traffic is slowing down in the summer months, as the British are far more out of high season travellers.

In February last year, a total of 43,000 Britons from Keflavik Airport, which totaled 51,000 in June, July and August.

In the spring of February, British tourists increased by ten percent, with 427 scheduled flights to British airports, of which 268 were departed from London, according to Túristi calculations.

On avergae there have been 15 departures a day from Keflavik Airport to the UK.

Icelandair has had most of the departures between Iceland and the British capital with 23 departures a week to Heathrow and Gatwick.

Túristi reports according to the company’s flight schedule, it is expected that the same number of trips will be made during the winter season, as is the case with WOW, Norwegian and British Airways, who also offer scheduled flights from here to London.

According to Túristi easyJet, however, intends to increase flight from London to Iceland and offer 26 departures a week from 20 departures.

Glowing Maydew, a spokesman for easyJet, said in response to Túristi that the reason for this increase is the continuing high demand for flights to Iceland from the UK. easy Jet flies from seven British airports ti Iceland of which three are near London.

It is therefore apparent that British interest in Iceland hasn’t fallen despite the fact that the British pound has weakened by 23% against the Icelandic krona last year.

With these additional flights easyJet this winter, flights will be 73 times a week each from Keflavik Airport to London.

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