Clou’s been a hot spot since it received a Michelin Star in 2013. Located in the centre of Copenhagen, Clou is run by Jonathan and Alexander Berntsen and offers 3, 5, and 7 courses for adventurous diners.

CLOU is a homey Michelin-starred restaurant in a former apartment, where the wine is the starting point and the dishes are matched afterwards

At Østerbro in Copenhagen you will find the Michelin restaurant CLOU, where chef Jonathan K. Berntsen and his right hand assistant have a clear vision of their restaurant. Everybody should feel at home and get exactly the experience they deserve and to secure this, these two guys serve all tables themselves. Therefor the restaurant only serves 12-20 guests for a 20 set menu compared with excellent wines.

Actually these pairings of food and wine has been the focus since the beginning. Quite unusual, the wine is here the starting point and hereafter matched with Nordic dishes inspired by Southern European cuisine. The restaurant received a Michelin star in 2014 and has kept it since.


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