Hallgrímskirkja (church of Hallgrímur) is a Lutheran (Church of Iceland) parish church in Reykjavík, Iceland. At 73 metres high (244 ft), it is the largest church in Iceland and among the tallest structures in Iceland. The church is named after the Icelandic poet and clergyman Hallgrímur Pétursson (1614-1674), author of the Passion Hymns. - Wikipedia

People are always searching for new and exciting destinations while they travel, tired of the same dozen cities that everyone and their brother seems to be going. Each city is trying to make a name of itself by choosing a branding direction, whether it is about a symbol or a feeling.

To put just a tag on the city of Reykjavik would be an understatement. If you are searching for something different and fresh, a city that highly energetic and still has that sort of untouched and romantic vibe to it, the capital of Iceland might be the destination you are looking for.

Although a capital, the city itself is only 200,000 strong, making it perfect for deeper cultural insights and a more intimate atmosphere. One thing is certain, as a traveler, you will not be swarmed by the tourist crowds everywhere you go.

Although pretty large in area, Reykjavik’s most important sights and attractions and concentrated in its small centre, filled with colorful houses typical for Iceland, great restaurants and fine shopping. As one of the first settlements in Iceland, the capital still bears some of its previous charm, but beautifully intertwined with its modern elegance and class. As for the landmarks and attractions, there are plenty to keep tourists interested for weeks.

There are way too many to name them, but there are some famous as the most iconic and interesting places of Reykjavik. First of all, the defining building of the capital and probably the first thing a traveler sees, is the immense Hallgrimskirkja Church, a true feat of engineering and architecture, with its unique shape and the outstanding panorama from its 75 meter tower.

The next place that everyone should visit is the old centre of Reykjavik, a charming place with old buildings and monuments, set around Tjornin Lake. Here, the most recognised attractions include the City Hall and the Reykjavik Cathedral.

In the more cultural domain, the city boasts a great number of interesting museums, including the National Art Gallery, the Reykjavik Art Museum, the National Museum of Iceland, the City Museum and many others. Also worth a visit is the old Holavallagardur Cemetery, a true open air museum. Other popular sights and attractions of Reykjavik include the Old Harbor, the Sun-Craft sculpture, Imagine Peace Tower, the Pearl, Videy island and many other parks, buildings and point of interest.

Other than this, Reykjavik is also a living city, with charming traditional streets, festivals and a vibrant nightlife.

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