101 Harbor Restaurant: By the Old Harbor in Reykjavik Iceland

101 Harbor Restaurant
101 Harbor Restaurant

What is the first thing “after food” that comes to your mind when searching for a perfect eatery? For me, it is definitely the location. For all the foodies out there, if you are looking for a place that serves the best food as well as offers some kind of a unique location and ambiance, then you know where you should head to.

The 101 Harbor Restaurant is located right by the Reykjavik’s Harbor that is just a little walking distance from the city center that makes it one of a kind place that you should try.

It is because of our ideal location, history of the house, the interior of the restaurant and a great view that the restaurant offers of the harbor that adds more to the experience of the guests that visit here. Not only is that, but the setting of our location such that almost all the whale watching tour companies are also located here.

Our inviting ambiance and the location of the restaurant being right on the harbor gives our guests some stunning views whatever the weather is. The water and the docked boats are a sight to see when enjoying your perfectly tasted meal at our restaurant. Not only the views are amazing, but also if you want to come over to have a peaceful lunch or dinner you can drop by any time and have a relaxing meal.

During summers, it is great to enjoy the happy hour sitting out in the front in the sun or at the back checking out the busy harbor whereas, during winters, it’s just nice to enjoy your delicious cuisine, sitting at the big windows where the winter sun shines streaming in looking over the harbor. So whatever time of the day it is, it’s always a pleasant experience to dine in at Harbor 101.

Many Reykjavik restaurants can be found here but Harbor 101 is not only known because of the setting of harbor and the docked ships that makes Harbor 101 a great place to visit but also because of the famous Iceland’s whale watching tour companies that can be found near here.

So once you have decided to get here to enjoy the whale watching experience, you can always head to our famously known seafood restaurant in Reykjavik Iceland. So if you are looking for a romantic night out with your beloved or just want to grab a bite or two with your friends, you know where to come to.

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