Thinking about Iceland, most people, even those passionate about traveling, think almost immediately to its snow covered mountains and volcanoes, about fishing and Viking legends. However, the destination packs a unique combination of attractions and wonders, some rather unique and unknown to the large mass of tourists.

Extremely close to the capital of Reykjavik, there is an idyllic place that seems more exotic than it should. The Blue Lagoon Iceland is a magical attraction, located about 45 minutes from the capital and only 20 minutes away from its airport. This geothermal pool has a rather curious and short history, almost accidentally formed by the geothermal plant located nearby. The miraculous water comes from deep beneath the earth surface, forming a unique landscape.

The sight of the Blue Lagoon for the first time is simply enchanting, with vapors rising from the large natural pool of a bright blue, all with the background of the frozen volcanic landscape specific to Iceland. Especially during the winter months, the natural spectacle is amazing, with warm clouds rising above the thermal waters, although the nearby areas are frozen solid. There is also a magnificent waterfall in the Blue Lagoon Iceland complex.

Apart from its sheer picturesque side and the unforgettable panorama, the waters of the lagoon are a blessing for the body. People have been coming here in the last two decades for the spa destination, a great geothermal pool where the water is imbued with healthy minerals and healing properties.

The spa resort developed around the Blue Lagoon is one of the best and most sought after in the world. It offers a complete treatment experience for those searching for refreshing and nurturing cures. It has been proved to be amazing for skin treatment and affections, also serving as a research area.

The complex also features an exquisite restaurants, cafes and bars, offering a complete experience for its visitors.

The mineral rich water is filled with minerals such as silica and sulphur, so bathing in the pool is always good for health, as is the natural mud used for other treatments.

All in all, the Blue Lagoon is one of the most unforgettable and enriching experiences of Iceland, a unique natural wonder of the world.

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